Sianożęty i Ustronie Morskie

Tourist attractions

  • Mini GOLF – find it on the corner of Kolejowa and Geodetów Street, in Ustronie Morskie.
  • Military Bastion referring to a famous black-and white TV series „Czterej Pancerni i pies” („Four tank-men and a dog”) where you can enjoy a tank ride around the military training area. The tank T-55, armoured personnel carriers, armoured cars etc. Address: ul. Koszalińska 98 (98 Koszalińska Street) / the military training area is located at the entrance way to Kołobrzeg.
  • PAINTBALL – fancy fun shooting with paint balls. Additionally traditional peas soup with smoked meat and sausages – 5 PLN. Commemorative photos, military souvernirs.
  • FORT ADVENTURE – a military adventure for children and adults, regardless of their age. Obstacle course, cross country car, a shooting range, paintball, rope park, landing operation, climbing, line bridge, treasure hunt with metal detector, various games for groups, military equipment exposition. You can organize a campfire, grill party or an occasional event here, as you wish. Address: ul. Bałtycka 1 (1 Bałtycka Street) , Kołobrzeg. It’s your moment of truth!
  • Funfair – on the corner of the Bolesława Chrobrego and Kolejowa Street.
  • WILD WEST – horse and camel rides, rodeo, wigwams, campfires and scrambled ostrich eggs. Contests for everyone. Zieleniewo Town (outside Kołobrzeg, drive through).
  • The Blue Walking Route along the line of the oldest oaks in Poland. An educational yet enormously amusing trail 31 km long leading to Kołobrzeski Forest, bursting with the richness of nature. Numerous marches covered with a mysterious fog make you realise how pristine the place is. That’s the home for the oldest Polish oak named “Bolesław”, in 2000 defined by the researchers as being 800 years old. Barely 2 km further you shall find his fellow „Warcisław”, 640 years old.
  • Hortulus – Thematic Gardens in Dobrzyca
  • Museum of Polish Arms in Kołobrzeg
  • Cod-fishing in Kołobrzeg
  • Lighthouse in Gąski dating back to 1878. It is 41 m high. Built due to the local magnetite reserve, causing various magnetic anomalies. The sea aroung the Gąski village bears the name of the “Baltic Bermuda Triangle”.
  • All the anglers shall find the Czerwona River (Red River) a delightful attraction, indeed. The water here is full of salmonid fish. What if you have forgotten your fishing-rod? Don’t worry! You won’t be bored! You can also observe the fish from the beginning of September until the end of November – follow the migration of the salmon trout get inside the river to breed.
  • Bagicz Airport where touristic flights are organized – both by planes and paramotors and if you are brave enough – also parachute jumping. Yet, flying does not close the palette of local offer, for many sports and recreational events are organized on the premises, like for instance the Paramotor Championships for the Baltic Cup.
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